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XPath specification defines how a specific item within an XML document can be located.XPath's syntax is in line with the tree structure of the XML document.

However it might be possible for you to use an Entity Resolver to return an empty document in place of the DTD. Null Pointer Exception at org.apache.crimson.parser. Parser2.parse Internal( at org.apache.crimson.parser. Parser2.parse( at org.apache.crimson.parser. XMLReader Impl.parse(XMLReader at org.apache. Document Builder Impl.parse(Document Builder at parsers. Xml Document Builder.start Element(Xml Document at org.apache.crimson.parser. 6 more please tell me what am doing wrong How to pre-process the input: Actually there are several ways 1.

XML focus on the content of the document and gives no clue on the appearance or presentation.

Style sheets can be used to provide styling information for displaying XML documents.

Filter Input Stream which can read the input stream from the file until it finds the DTD reference and skips it. You may have to do a bit of fiddling to make the parser happy with the start of the input stream. If you're running this program in an environment where you can't access it because of a firewall or something, then go somewhere else and download it so you have a local copy.

Bill But your post suggests this is log4you are asking about. Then use the Entity Resolver to resolve to that local copy.

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Error: Public ID: null System ID: file:/C:/herong/xml/invalid_Line number: 33 Column number: 9 Message: The content of element type "word" must match "(update? Error: Public ID: null System ID: file:/C:/herong/xml/invalid_Line number: 35 Column number: 33 Message: Attribute "date" is required and must be specified for element type "update".

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