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Let’s be honest for a moment – the bars along Halsted Street and in Andersonville are not always the best places for meaningful conversation.Who wants to compete with loud music, loud voices and loud personalities?There is a lot that is new and significant," Mushirul Hasan, chief of the National Archives, told news agency Agence France-Presse.Gandhi lived with Kallenbach, a German-born Jewish architect, in Johannesburg for about two years from 1907 before returning to India in 1914 where he helped unify the gathering political movement against British colonial rule.Raj Bala Jain, part of the National Archives team that studied the collection in detail, said she was surprised how their relationship had been misconstrued.

One of the handwritten letters from Gandhi to Kallenbach that went on show on Wednesday, the 65th anniversary of Gandhi's assassination, is addressed to "My dear Lower House" and signed "Sinly yours, Upper House".

"Nothing controversial has been left out or necessarily included," Hasan said.

"They had a marvellous relationship and the archives reveal the intensity of that relationship." The relationship between Gandhi and the wealthy South African was most recently chronicled in a book by former New York Times editor Joseph Lelyveld.

The gay bars in Chicago can be a fun place to hang out – particularly if you are looking for a spot to chill with friends.

But if you are like a lot of gay men who visit our Northside counseling offices, you are probably wondering about different places to meet someone away from the nightlife scene.

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In one of them, Harilal, one of the four sons of Gandhi, complains to Kallenbach about how his father had "neglected us".

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