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This study aims to assess the prevalence of overweight, obesity and thinness in a group of 10–11-year-old children using three references [the Center for Disease Control (CDC) 2000, the the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) 2000 and the WHO, 2007].The prevalence of overweight, including obesity, for the whole sample was 35.5, 27.9 and 27.9%, respectively, depending on the reference used.Childhood overweight has been reported in developing countries.The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended a standardized classification system in order to facilitate comparison across countries and studies.The only national study based on school-age population reported 20.8% of overweight and 5.4% of obese subjects in a sample of 1289 youngsters aged 10–19.However, that study was not community based, as the sample comprised outpatient children who visited the primary care physician for any reason other than an eating disorder.

Height was taken with a wall-mounted bodymeter SECA 208 (Hamburg, Germany).

Most children were measured in the morning ( the BMI cut-off points are 85th and 95th percentiles for overweight and obesity, respectively; thinness cut-off percentile is less than 5th percentile; (ii) the IOTF reference is based on linking the BMI of 25 and 30 at the age of 18 for classification of childhood and adolescent overweight and obesity, respectively; (iii) for the WHO reference, percentiles expressed in scores determine the cut-off points for overweight and obesity at 85th and 98th percentiles, or 1 SD and 2 SD, respectively.

The thinness cut-off point is ≤2 SD and ≤3 SD for severe thinness (WHO Development of a pattern of growth of schoolchildren and adolescents).

Because comparison across countries and studies remains hindered, the World Health Organization (WHO) has highlighted the need to study child and adolescent obesity around the world, based on a standardized classification system.

The validity of these references for comparing different populations, as well as their appropriateness for classifying overweight and obesity in developing countries, remains to be ascertained.

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For overweight, no gender differences were observed regardless of the reference used.

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