Dating with a baby

Or maybe your fantasy is to be the caregiver of an adult baby?

And this was the beginning of my first date with Armando, a 59-year-old successful businessman who believed that nice cars should only be driven in the furthest left lane of the road. Once again, horns blared, middle fingers waved, and I bit my tongue. I’m still not sure how we got to the restaurant without being gunned down or forced off the road, but we made it.Satisfy your desire of wearing diapers and being taken care of as a baby or play the roll of the care giver for an "Adult Baby." Everybody enjoys a night of suckling and spanking, right?Being an adult and living with adult responsibilities is hard.Because Armando wasn’t in a rush to get to the restaurant, we arrived 30 minutes late for our reservation. No sooner did I place the napkin on my lap, Armando said, “I don’t like this table.Even still, he managed to get us seated right away. Grab your place setting we’re moving.” I watched as he walked toward an open table that overlooked the water. This is a man who’s accustomed to getting his way, so why not play along, for now? “Sir, I’m sorry, but this table has been reserved for…” Armando, not taking his eyes off mine, said “They’ll have to wait until we’re done. ” The waiter looked at me and said, “Excuse me, I’ll be right back.” He left, then returned moments later with the manager. Before the manager could open his mouth, Armando dictated, “The lady will have an iced tea with lemon, no sugar, and I’ll have a… And we’ll have an order of stuffed mushroom caps.” Not taking his eyes off me, he paused for a breath then said, “Anything else, darling?

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