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Some bullies carry out their activities under the guise of “just doing what they’re told,” says workplace abuse expert Patricia G. “The spineless supervisor agrees to do anything that management wants to get rid of employees—good employees—for reasons that have nothing to do with work,” she says.If a worker is likely to file a workers’ compensation or other claim, the Spineless Supervisor may try to intimidate or fire the person instead of dealing with the problem. Hyde personality differences make the Shape-Shifter seem like two different people, Curry says.

Offensive and intimidating behavior can be as serious as threats of physical danger or as seemingly innocent as teasing.To prevent harassment and intimidation in your company, start by providing written policies that explain the company's position on offensive behavior.It should outline what is not acceptable and what is acceptable and be available to staff in a written form.When everyone has a shared understanding of what is unacceptable, they can better govern their behavior.When an incident does occur, you can keep the culture intact by taking disciplinary action.

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