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Recognizing that a future in which his sister would never eat on her own, speak or have brain activity, Dexter unplugs the vent and professes his love for Deb.Those would be the final words -- and the ones he's strived to feel since the series premiere -- that Dexter would say to Deb before she flatlined.The only thing I didn't want was for Dexter to kill her.In a strange way, I wanted her [death] to be a suicide. Yes, she was shot, but it was something that she signed up for long before she ever joined the force. It was incredibly cathartic for me as an actor to set it down in such a way.Now that she has, her love for him makes the dilemma of what to do about it even more complex.We talked to Buck about his plans for the show's remaining two seasons — and how much of a say Hall, also an executive producer on the show, will have in the fate of his character.After coming to catching the Brain Surgeon, Deb ultimately would never fully recover from the gunshot wound the tough-talking (and acting) detective suffered in the penultimate episode.While she comes through surgery, a blood clot would later prove to be the one obstacle Deb could not recover from as she wound up on a ventilator that would be the only thing keeping her body alive.

Fans and even Carpenter have long said it strains believability that Deb, a brilliant homicide detective, wouldn't figure Dexter out.

Buck: I think everyone's always in danger on this show.

But we're fond of Deb so it's unlikely that we would ever take a knife to her.

This has always been a show not about plot twists and turns and action scenes, but more about the character of Dexter, this very unique character that we've never seen anything like before.

It's a character that's gradually evolved over the last five years and will continue to change. There's a big creative team behind the show, a number of different writers and producers, and certainly Michael Hall has a huge voice in what happens with Dexter, so it's eventually going to come to a point where we're all going to sit down and compare notes on this. But [whether] that’s where Michael Hall wants it to end, we'll have to see if we're thinking along the exact same lines.

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