Hot men dating ugly girls

You probably get letters like this all the time, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I'm not a social retard: I have tons of friends and hobbies, and I'm happy with my career. I don't know how to talk to men I find attractive. When I was younger, I never thought this was a problem, as everyone has social anxiety around attractive people, right?

Bros will come up with all kinds of ways to piss you off.I definitely don't want to go back to dating ugly, dumb guys, but I'm still terrified of attractive men, even if I want to get to know them better, and even if they seem vaguely interested in me. I can't seem to adjust my way of thinking on this. Because I've kept the promise, I haven't been on a date in almost three years now ... Then he tried talking to me a few times, and even though I always dreamed of clever things to say to him, every time I saw him, I could never muster more than a one-word answer. Toward the end of the class, after which I knew I'd never see him again, I tried talking to him a few times, but I always babbled incoherently and probably made him think I'm a retarded stalker, since he never seemed very interested in anything I had to say. File them under subjects, like, "Acceptable replies to compliments about my physical attractiveness" and "Acceptable replies to the question, ' So, what do you do? " "Let's have a drink." "I'd like a drink, how about you? Among the index cards you might want to use at this time are ones containing the addresses of various bars, instruction phrases for the cab driver, and things to say to the attractive man sitting next to you in the dark, such as, "Take your hand off my knee," or, "Put your hand on my knee," or, "Let's play Twister."Eventually, after enough phrases have been exchanged, you may toss aside the index cards and begin speaking impromptu. This is the story of my life; it's happened without fail every single time I've been confronted by an attractive guy, since I became interested in boys at around age 10 or so ... Twenty years of misery regarding the opposite sex is too much to bear, and I definitely don't want to be single for the rest of my life. " "Do you know a good place around here where we could go and have a drink? When doing so, be sure to begin with simple phrases and work your way up to more complex utterances, keeping in mind at all times that though the man may be attractive, he has no greater power over you than any other man.

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