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At about 1pm he plays open air, outside the store of his parents - giving some samples of his new album 'AT LAST'."My 14th CD is very blues-oriented," says the 42-year-old, who has long made a name for himself in South Africa as a well-known Brit-pop and Jazz musician.The son of the local jeweller - a celebrated star in South Africa - gave a taster of his talent."Sofia Marie has the first cold of her life.No wonder, after all, she had a long journey: Together with her parents, the musician Ike Moriz and Madri Moriz, they traveled 24 hours.Mittlerweile lebt der gebürtige Bergedorfer seit neun Jahren am Kap und ist dort ein bekannter Sänger und Entertainer.Nun ist der 42-jährige in der Heimat zu Gast, tritt hier auch auf.

Tomorrow, 8.30pm, he steps in to the Belami (Holtenklinker Str 26) - the last chance for the time being, to see the 42-year-old perform live in Bergedorf. From Brit-pop over rock to jazz: Moriz has tried many genres.Und so wanderte er nach London aus, wo er seinen Vornamen von Eike in Ike änderte.Nachdem er sich mit einigen Aushilfsjobs ueber Wasser gehalten hatte, lernte er den Produzenten von george Michael kennen - fuer Ike Moriz der Beginn seiner Karriere.At the Belami he will present, among other songs, his new album "At Last".It is his 14th CD to date, and is filled with blues, rock and pop songs in 'Moriz style'.

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