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(West 1991).2/ The comments to the UTMA establish that this provision can be used to cover a transfer of the minor's own property by a legal representative. Therefore, this provision does not appear to apply to the situation faced by representative payees.3/ The Ohio version of the UTMA makes it clear that any gift or transfer of property to a minor must come from a person eighteen years of age or older. person may make a gift or transfer to himself or herself. (West 1998); Indiana Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, Ind. The Court will want to satisfy itself that the candidate generally understands the responsibilities about to be imposed on him or her and that he or she generally is committed to looking out for the minor’s well being and being subject to the Court’s jurisdiction over the minor’s general welfare. You can usually get a packet of information concerning the guardianship for a child from your county’s Probate Court clerk’s office. This court must be informed of your present request for guardianship. If the child has any Indian background, you must check this box.

You can bring this Notice with you to the Probate Court clerk when you file the petition.

The newspapers pickup these notices weekly from the Probate Court clerk.

When the notice has been published in the local paper, you will receive a bill, usually for less than . Even if I know where the parents are, can I just give them notice of publication by the newspaper, rather than send them the notice in the mail? Publication in the newspaper is only used when you don’t know where the parents are. How does the Court know I mailed copies of the pleadings to the parents? Complete a form called Proof of Service and give that to the Court Clerk. As part of the History, you will need to get letters of recommendation from people who know you and can explain to the court that you are able to care for a child.

In Minnesota, a minor can hold title to real or personal property, but a state statute prohibits a minor from owning an automobile, except in certain circumstances not likely to occur in the situation involving back SSI payments to a disabled child. Michigan In Michigan, minors are capable of acquiring property like any other citizen.

None of the states in our region impose any particular restrictions concerning the age of the minor. 17 Callaghan's Michigan Civil Jurisprudence Minors § 4 (1988, 1993 supp.).

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In Minnesota, a minor can hold title to real or personal property, but a State statute prohibits a minor from owning an automobile except in certain circumstances.

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