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Eun Bi, she really confuses about the kiss on the peck incident. (Sorry, Tae Bi shipper here, but Joo Hyuk still my ultimate bae tho) I've just finished watch this drama. I like the ending tho, I expected worse from what I always read. Family, friends, values, principles, it was very warm and inspiring. you're 18 years old." The whole speech at the end is the true icing of the cupcake, really got me. From what she see, Eunbi is suffering from bullying and stuff. So likewise, even if Taekwang is always around Eun Bi, her heart chooses to go to Han Yi An. Life is more about the big moments which Tae Kwang seemed to represent.She thinks she likes Yi An more, but the kiss changes everything, she then realised that she open her heart first to Tae Kwang from the beginning, that is why she wants to tell him the truth eventhough disguissed as a jokes (school clinic scene). Watching the series knowing how it will end sucks but too good I got to love it. Its like I found a friend that understood me and comforted me that everything will be alright and you will be fine and you will do very well. At the same time, she want to escape from her own life cuz she has problems too. Because he was really exciting and more prone to be doing big gestures, the screen favoured him more.Set at a prestigious private high school in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea.Eun-Byeol is a popular student at the private high school. @yengkwon it would be so much better if you're the scriptwriter. i love tae kwang so much and it's disappointing watching him like that. A very good script, a wonderful directing, and the best actors, love Eun Bi, Eun Byeol, Yi An and Tae Gwang...first drama where I love both the same way Yi An and Tae Gwang :* I like kim so hyun however this drama is a disappointment that i dont recommend it.

there where so much secrets so I really needed to watch it till the end x D! Fan From Belgium This is one of the best high school dramas that i've ever watched. :) This is the second Kdrama i've watched (first was Producer!I'm just really sad for tae kwang and wished for him to be happy with eun bi, he really needed someone like her.. Time to take a revenge finally came and i really love her character.. where every students has their own problems about life in their youth (not about love). the twins were so lucky to met a very good Godmother. Not only did it flop the suspense, it made Eun Byeol such a distasteful character for me.And in some moments, i cried a lot while watched this drama. Eun Byul come to see Yi An and confessed her feelings, she said that her leaving makes her realised how much she misses Yi An, and confirmed that she actually like him as well. It was just the opposite which made me more interested... Even though I like Han Yi An, I can understand your guys' point about Tae Kwang.its just as good as boys over flowers, the heirs, reply 1994. First episode seems confusing but it all makes sense after! when i was in high school, i was bullied to, to the same point where i tried to kill myself jumping off a bridge.. (but spoiler: i prefer Kong Tae-Gwang to be with Lee Eun-Bi in the end! This drama is full of lesson , love , friendship , sad happy painful awesome scene(so many mixed feeling involved)... .thank you This had to be one of the best youth/high school dramas I've seen, despite the ending (where it should'e been Go Eun Byul and Han Yi An and Go Eun Bi and Gong Tae Kwang) it was overall a really good drama that had me feeling emotions. They are still young (my age, apparently) but i see no flaw in their acting! If the couples are Lee Eun Bi/ Gong Tae Kwang and Go Eun Byul/Han Yi An, i'm giving this drama 10/10! Sooo in love with Han Yi An I want the encore of this drama! Aiishhh really after watched the last scene i want to say: I WANNA RESET! Senru u are totally right but the fact that most of viewers don't like Yibi couple coz they are crazy in love with "Sungjae" not taekwang , yeah everything was clear from the begining and they've never made me confused about what she will choose at the end , coz it was definitely Yian ,'s hard to see your idol not playing the first lead and having a lot of heartbreaking but guys it's just drama enjoy it , This is BEST , BEST , BEST.... from the beginning Eunbi didn't have any romantic feelings for KTG , Please watch the drama carefully then u will realize what i am want say... and all other charactors realy miss u Eun Bi and Eun Byul...(Yeah, just like in this drama, the same as Lee Eun bi did) Of course, i dont have a twin sister and i didnt lose my memory, but i wasnt strong enough to come back to school, so i dropped out and stayed in hospital for a very long time.. (but spoiler: i prefer Kong Tae-Gwang to be with Lee Eun-Bi in the end and the roof scene at end: so much loved! but still this is one of the best korean dramas i've watched this 2015!! : D ) am frm INDIA ....people here r very big fans of korean dramas ......i have almost seen very top dramas of korea .....present in my heart who r u is top most drama .....this drama their is love , affection , emotion .....everything.....i liked han yi An and lee Eun bi .....most .....their acting was really excellent.......i hope i wll see this pair in future dramas...... I don't have any attention to watch this drama.then accidently I watch Ep 2 and I just get addicted to it.. It just to deserve to be treated like that... So sad that it ended, I really hope they do a season two or an encore or something due to the popularity and the high demands of viewers. it started out strong and great but it ended HORRIBLY I'm sorry... Eun Bi should've been w/ Tae Kwang and Eun Byul w/ Han Yi An also Eun Byul should've went away It's nice..little bit dissatisfaction with the ending.. I like her very much..way very nice & lovable drama..I want to say that school 2013 was the best drama among the high school dramas.anyhow I would like to pay my gratitude to all the cast members and the crew of the drama school! I really loveeeee the story and all the actors and actress especially kim so hyun when she's playing the role go eunbyeol.eunbyeol was so cool..i really love their sweet love too.drama is sooooo 대박! anyway for me it was the best ending best plot and best acting.. Love U I just finished this drama last night and i admit this drama is very cool because Go eun byul character..

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