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It is not because we are simply indignant on the victim’s behalf – rather, it is because the discrimination reveals a disappointing and detestable character flaw in the “elite”: the people with the most prerequisites to be successful in the future.As such, the criticism of the education system should not be that it “breeds elitism”, but in its failure to develop and nurture students into kind, compassionate people with a desire to help others.It tells us that success is based on our own merits; that anyone can achieve if they have the ability, the gumption, and the diligence.At a glance, this may seem fair and just, but if we delve deeper, it is clear that meritocracy and elitism are inextricably linked.At the same time, that is not to say that we should completely eradicate the streaming system, for separating students according to their learning needs might still be best for different learners.Fostering cohesion among students from different academic streams should not come at the expense of the streaming system itself.As a result of these various malicious elitist attitudes that were deservedly criticised, there has been endless controversy surrounding the Singapore education system, with many condemning it for engendering this elitist attitude in students – with good reason as well.

As such, students might be led into the belief that they are more special than students in other academic streams, developing a superior attitude.He is most probably from the top school Raffles Junior College.RJCdude is judging this neighbourhood schoolboy by his results, in which he (RJCdude) has an upper hand.This creates a growing chasm between the winners of meritocracy and the masses, and may breed a “smarter-than-thou” attitude, since the elite would believe that they are inherently superior in terms of merit than the rest.In addition, the streaming system in Singapore’s education system also reinforces the social divide among students.

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