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Because there are a lot of differences, and it's important to figure out which Michelle Williams you are to function properly in society.I mean, you don't want to go around telling people, “Oh, I'm such a Michelle Williams,” when in reality you're more of a Michelle Williams. And so, without further ado, I present eight fool-proof ways to know if you're a Michelle Williams or a Michelle Williams. If designers line up to dress you in their latest fashions, you're Michelle Williams.If people ask you what it was like to stand next to a famous sex symbol, you're Michelle Williams.

Her strong jawline and purported plastic surgery have caused many “Ice Loves Coco” fans to murmur that Coco might be a man.

Michelle Williams the Destiny's Child singer was already 48 days old.

Little did they know their names would one day cause people to add “the one from” or “the one with” or “the one who” after mentioning them.

If your friends Brooklyn, you're Michelle Williams.

If people ask you what it was like to play a famous sex symbol, you're Michelle Williams.

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