Validating interviews

There’s no substitute for watching real humans use your product, and this is a golden opportunity to do it!

Unfortunately, many will want to throw up an online survey and drive traffic to it, hoping to get respondents and quality information. The problem at this stage is that you don’t even know what questions to ask. It assumes you know what you want to ask and that you’re nearing the stage (or you’re at the stage) where quantitative survey data is helpful for validating or invalidating your assumptions. By the tenth person you’ll see patterns in people’s answers, and you’ll start adapting your questions accordingly.The interviewer and the observers should make a list of the key questions for the day.Here are a few tips: Everybody who participated in the sprint should be in the room.As day 5 of the product design sprint dawns and the team files into the war room, there’s a certain something in the air. Yeah, almost for sure — in fact, you might want to hand out some gum. Today, we test our prototype and learn which ideas worked, which didn’t, and what to do next.Is it the chemical scent of the whiteboard markers? Today you’re going to be running a user study, showing your prototype to 4–6 real humans.

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Make a column for each participant and a row for each part of the interview (e.g.

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