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Member Mouse gets you up and running quickly, and handles many of the common tasks in your business, freeing you to focus on your value proposition.

When a push notification event is triggered, you can call a custom script or send an email.Member Mouse seamlessly integrates with the Word Press user system so while processing the import file, if the user already exists in Word Press, Member Mouse will simply use the existing account and add on the specific member data.This means that following the import, all of your existing Word Press users will be valid Member Mouse members and still be able to login using their same exact username and password. Simply login to this Member Mouse website with your username and password.However, if you're running a ton of plugins or using a theme created by an inexperienced developer, there maybe times when you notice that something is not working quite the way it should.The reason for this is almost always a plugin written by a less experienced developer, who is not following Word Press development best practices.

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