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It looks absolutely polished, never openly betraying its very limited budget. Watch it in German, if you can - watch it with subtitles, if you must.

Ruby Buckton (ex-girlfriend)Summer Horgan-Jones (kissed), Henrietta Brown (ex-girlfriend)Sasha Bezmel (ex-girlfriend)Tamara Kingsley (ex-girlfriend)Linda Somerset (ex-girlfriend)Denny Miller (girlfriend, deceased) Johnny Barrett (Father) Cheryl Braxton (Mother) Danny Braxton (Step Father) Debbie Barrett (Step Mother) Darryl Braxton (Half Brother) Heath Braxton (Half Brother) Kyle Braxton (Step Brother) Mackenzie Braxton (Step Sister) Josh Barrett (Half Brother) Andy Barrett (Cousin) Scott Barrett (Uncle) Casey arrives in Summer Bay with his brothers Darryl, known as "Brax", and Heath, as their gang, the River Boys, are extending their turf beyond Mangrove River.

His alcoholic mother Cheryl Braxton (Suzi Dougherty) shows little interest in him and his older brothers Heath and Brax continuously puts him down.

Casey has a one-night stand with Ruby Buckton (Rebecca Breeds), who is attempting to move on from her ex Romeo.

Casey struggles with his school work and Miles Copeland (Josh Quong Tart) suspects that he may be dyslexic.

Casey befriends Romeo Smith (Luke Mitchell), who becomes concerned about Casey's attitude situation.

When Romeo goes to Casey's house, as he needs assistance with his school work, he realises that Casey has a bad home life.

Jake kidnaps Casey and Ruby and when Brax turns up to rescue them, he is stabbed.

Jake is arrested and sent to jail and his brother Hammer(Benedict Samuel) sets out to gain revenge on the Braxtons.

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