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Besides, it's harder to cover a dead person in the 10 man, and losing someone after the boss has gone into the frenzy is much harder to recover from than losing a person earlier. Trying to rebuild after losing several of our best raiders because we'd been out of 25 mans for too long.My guild brought down toravon on 10 man last night. On the bright side when people ask for my best raid achieve I can show a toravon 10s downing. In a 25 man group, it's early enough in the fight that you can recover easily.As expected on Thursday, I put the Blizzard DVD into my computer and started installing the new expansion.

By then, the fight is so close to over that keeping the marked person alive shouldn't be too difficult.Double thanks are in order for my furry friend Big Bear Butt, who not only showed us all how to put Wowhead item data onto a blog, but also shared a great Wo W blog I hadn't heard of, Okoloth's Armory Musings site.Okoloth's top-secret Armory Spidering Technology™ appears to have yielded him an almost sickening amount of mined data on Wo W players.I spent about 300g in order ot train all of the main and secondary professions inot Grand Master and all the spells and recipies that go with them...So I have Grand Master level of tailoring, enchanting, fishing, first aid, and cooking.

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